Tinnitus Relief

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in considerable stress, oppression and distress. More patients with Tinnitus and Hyperacusis are consulting our practitioners.

The following are what different patients report on what has helped them to reduce the intensity and volume of their tinnitus. These strategies are not exhaustive and can vary from person to person and need to be discussed with your GP or health practitioner.

  • Consulting an Audiologist to rule out hearing loss and that the hearing will not worsen
  • Consulting a specialist Audiologist who understands the condition and explains the connection between the ear and the brain
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy with a Tinnitus Psychologist in learning to respond to the distress caused by the sound (evidence based research)
  • Acknowledging the tinnitus, and not allowing it to spiral into a negative thought process that it will never improve. Changing the focus by performing activity or performing the tools and skills taught by a Tinnitus Physiotherapist or Psychologist
  • Neural tapping (evidence based with anxiety)
  • Trigger point therapy
  • Dry needling acupuncture (case study papers)
  • Laser therapy (Evidence that laser, occlusal splint and isometric jaw exercises improved the tinnitus condition in 44% patients)
  • Changing the focus of the tinnitus to a background noise. Patients reflect that the “frig’s noise is always there”
  • Diet- Gluten free Diet or a Histamine free diet in consultation with an Integrative Medical doctor or a naturopath
  • Consulting a Dentist and a TMJ Physiotherapist to treat the Neck. Jaw joint region (TMJ) and Bruxism (evidence based systematic reviews)
  • Sleeping 7- 8 hours
  • Botox therapy with a dentist or Neurologist
  • Pain Physician
  • Participating in the Tinnitus Rehabilitation programme at the Tinnitus and TMJ clinic