Cold Laser Case Study 2

A 59-year-old patient (CR) presented with a 1-year history of neck pain and left elbow pain (tennis elbow) which was aggravated by lifting objects and playing golf. The patient was a keen golfer and was unable to play.

Following examination, Thor Laser was applied to the neck and elbow for lymph drainage and pain treatment. Following 4 treatments CR improved by 40%. The patient was provided exercises which improved his strength. The treatment was progressed with application of dry needling acupuncture to neck and left arm muscle and nerve points in addition to the Laser treatment. The combination treatment helped the person return to play 9 holes of golf after 8 sessions and a month later he played 18 holes of golf.

This case study demonstrated that Laser Therapy in conjunction with dry needling helped the person’s recovery and return to golf.