Cold Laser Case Study 1

A 65-year-old lady (KSS) presented in February 2017 with a 15-year history of pain in the low back, referred right sciatic pain, bilateral hip joint pain, bilateral knee pain and cellulitis in the left leg. The conditions were aggravated by sitting, moving from sitting to standing, walking with a limp, turning in bed. Her conditions were not improved by exercises or medication. X-ray investigations showed arthritic changes in the low back, hip joints, and knees. The patient was recommended by her medical team to have a knee replacement.

At the examination KSS walked with a significant limp. She had functional difficulties with movements of the low back, hips, and knees.

Following discussion, Thor Laser was applied to specific regions for pain relief and lymph drainage. A week later KSS reported that she had improved 30 % in function and was able to turn in bed more comfortably and walk with a reduced limp.

On the next session laser treatment was continued with application of a specific taping programme for the feet and knees. At the subsequent consultation, the patient reported an overall improvement of 50%. The patient was then recommended specific rehabilitation exercises for the low back, knees walking re-education and turning in bed. In the following 2 consultation Laser therapy with the rehabilitation programme improved her function by 70%. The Laser treatment was then progressed to different regions.

The patient emailed and stated that after that after 4 months, “I am able to get up out of low seating easily and get into and out of the car without pain. I would say that I have seen an 85% improvement in my mobility, not to mention a substantial reduction in fluid retention, general inflammation and the cellulitis which has plagued me for 5 years.”

“Interestingly, I have noticed that apart from the benefits of analgesia to minimise the pain, there really is healing going on and I have to let that process take its course — in other words, I have to be careful not to overdo things. I keep telling myself that I cannot expect miracles when I have had a chronic and deteriorating condition for some 15 years. So, I would say Laser, exercise, patience, and a positive outlook do reap unbelievable benefits. I honestly thought I was destined for a wheelchair before I turned 70.”

This case study demonstrates that Thor Laser helped KSS reduce their pain and with specific exercises their functional activities improved.