Are you suffering With Back pain during pregnancy?


Dr Shazia Shadab (PT), lead physiotherapist at a leading chain of maternity hospitals, explains, “Pelvic girdle issue (lower-back pain) is very common during pregnancy — 80 per cent women suffer from it, but no one thinks that it can be treated.  Things are so bad that when a pregnant woman goes to a doctor for backache, the doctors usually tell her to bear with it.

Dhawan Desai states that the common issues that pregnant/postnatal women have are:
· Pelvic girdle
· Diastasis recti
· Perineal pain
· Urinary incontinence
· Neck pain, backache, rib pain, shin pain, headache
· Carpal Tunnel syndrome
· Sciatica
· Piriformis Syndrome
· Chondromalacia patella
· Hamstring tightness
· Coccydynia

Techniques for pain relief are:
1. Dry Needling/ Acupuncture in the second term : Eases muscular pain

2. Taping by a trained Physiotherapist helps in postural correction, reduces movements that cause pain, and provides support without restricting movement

3. Gentle Spinal mobilisation

4.Consulting a Women’s Health Physiotherapist