Are you suffering from pain in the neck, back, jaw ( TMJ) headaches or tinnitus?

The pandemic has caused many of us to sit longer in front of our laptops/iPads/ iPhones in poor ergonomic positions and resulted in unnecessary pain and headaches.

The highly aroused state of our environment, our nation and the world has resulted in subliminal pressure and tension within us leading to heightened anxiety.


  • Take time to reflect
  • Sleep 7-8 hours ( if possible)
  • Walk as usual (avoid increasing the distance suddenly which has caused some patients to injure themselves)\Perform exercises wisely without overdoing them
  • Eat wisely
  • Be quick to listen to others, slow to respond to them and slow to Anger and
  • Write down your thoughts and feelings. This journaling will reduce the constant chatter in your mind and being offended by others.

The Melbourne Spinal and Sports Medicine Clinic is open during the lockdown for consultations.

You can make a time via online booking or by ringing 039866 8010.